Saturday, February 28, 2009

Healthy Home

Our homes tell a lot about us. A healthy home always signifies a healthy mindset and cleanliness-conscious personality. If the house looks neat and clean not only we enjoy it but our guests also relish it. However, sometimes by neatness we refer to only outward cleaning. The tiles, the corners of the walls, bed sheet and balcony etc are measurements of our outward cleaning. But you also keep in mind there may be few unwanted elements that are hiding in those corners. In such conditions, you need to de-clutter your home thoroughly.

You can start with getting rid of all the junk hidden beneath the bed or in lofts for eternity. Give them away or sell them but just remove them from your house. Normally out of all those things kept beneath the bed, some are never used. You must clean and sweep your house everyday. That goes without saying. Apart from that make provision of one day for special cleaning of whole house. Make your kids work with you. Take care of dangerous elements like white ants, ants, cockroaches etc. They can do much more damage than what you had anticipated. Use repellants for them regularly. Try not to use thick curtains because they are more likely to attract dust. So go for thin curtains with cotton or canvas fabric. These are quite easy to wash. Many people also prefer to have blinds because of the washing feasibility.

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