Saturday, February 28, 2009

Healthy Home

Our homes tell a lot about us. A healthy home always signifies a healthy mindset and cleanliness-conscious personality. If the house looks neat and clean not only we enjoy it but our guests also relish it. However, sometimes by neatness we refer to only outward cleaning. The tiles, the corners of the walls, bed sheet and balcony etc are measurements of our outward cleaning. But you also keep in mind there may be few unwanted elements that are hiding in those corners. In such conditions, you need to de-clutter your home thoroughly.

You can start with getting rid of all the junk hidden beneath the bed or in lofts for eternity. Give them away or sell them but just remove them from your house. Normally out of all those things kept beneath the bed, some are never used. You must clean and sweep your house everyday. That goes without saying. Apart from that make provision of one day for special cleaning of whole house. Make your kids work with you. Take care of dangerous elements like white ants, ants, cockroaches etc. They can do much more damage than what you had anticipated. Use repellants for them regularly. Try not to use thick curtains because they are more likely to attract dust. So go for thin curtains with cotton or canvas fabric. These are quite easy to wash. Many people also prefer to have blinds because of the washing feasibility.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vastu Tips

Now that we are already aware of concept of vastu Shastra, let’s have a look at it from home decoration point of view. We have heard about calm and peaceful effects of implementing vastu rules in our homes. The best part about this scientific study is it is not at all complex. All we need to do is to follow some simple guidelines. The implementation of vastu is not just restricted to homes but also to any construction. It could be temples, buildings, industry, commercial complex etc. so how does it work? Vastu actually helps you in extracting positive energies of all the five forces of nature. It brings happiness and prosperity by combining solar energy of sun, magnetic effects of earth, lunar energy of moon and wind energy along with several directions related to placement. The best way to use wonderful effects of vastu is by consulting a vastu expert and then following whatever he has to suggest.

Few major recommendations under vastu shastra are; while constructing a plot it is advisable to use west, south and southwest direction. The shadow of tress should not fall on your house. One should definitely place in the ground some plants in the compound but make sure hey are small. Plants should not be used in east, north and northeast direction. Make sure to place a water body in the northeast corner of the house. One should not use any pictures in the house that depicts any form of violence. Another important suggestion is to construct the house in such a way that north and east directions should have more open space. Always design the house in such a way that there should be no dearth of sunlight and cross ventilation.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The concept of Vastu Shastra

The concept of Vastu Shastra is gaining popularity amongst people with house designing interests. Not long ago it was an unheard of but now a days several people prefer to design their houses keeping in mind Vastu rules. It is basically scientific study of directions. The main purpose of Vastu is to create equilibrium by taking into consideration different elements of nature. It creates equilibrium and is immensely beneficial for humans. It is believed that implementing vastu in your home causes happiness and prosperity. Vastu is not based on assumption. It is a proper scientific study that is very rational.

Vastu has a glorious history and is in practice since ages. Wise men of past made this art evolve into one universal phenomenon in the interests of humans. Vastu Shastra is based upon certain principles that include five elements of nature. The five elements are; Sun, Air, Water, Earth and Sky. As we all know sun is very crucial for our survival. It provides light and heat and this has lot of significance in vastu. Talking about air that is the source of oxygen, it acts as lifeline for humans. Our survival is very much dependent upon air temperature, humidity, air flow, air pressure etc.

We Indians consider earth as the mother that is the source of our existence. Whether its flora or fauna or landscape or factors like gravitational force or magnetic effects, earth is very crucial for sustaining our existence. We don’t need to really dwell upon importance of water. Without it we just can’t survive. Finally the sky, the sum total of numerous galaxies that plays a crucial role in our solar system.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tools for Home Decoration

Many people prefer to decorate their homes on their own. These people do have a fair idea of decoration themes and several designing concepts. Such people are also quite creative and prefer to give their personalized touch to the abode. For people with ‘heart is where the home is’ philosophy, using their own sense of designing is very crucial. However, while going to decorate the home on your own, you need to have home decorating tools that will be very crucial in house decoration process. One benefit of self decoration is that one gets it done quite cheaply. There is no huge expense associated with self decoration thing. The toolbox needed for 'Do-it-yourself' home decor projects, contains all the necessary items. These items help in finishing the home decoration job.

To begin with, one needs to have a step tool and a toolbox. Toolbox contains useful tools. One needs to have several accessories that are very crucial in decorating home. Things such as, paint brushes, colors, ribbons, gold and silver touch-up pens, sandpaper, spray paints, buttons, fringes and lace etc are useful accessories. Cutting items like utility scissors, box cutter and measuring items like level, yardstick, measuring tape or T-Square etc are also needed. Apart from that adhesives including sticks, glue guns, spray adhesive can along with rubber bands, sewing needles, fabric wallpaper, staple gun, staple boxes, plastic twist ties and fusible interfacings are essential tools to have in home décor. Other required items include, gardening tools, cup hooks, plastic anchors, thumb tacks, push pins and picture wire etc.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

House Designing Tips- Themes

House themes could range from star wars, nature lovers, Barbie’s home to period décor, nautical mile and ethnic. Further more, we can choose particular ideas for color of walls, windows, ceilings, furniture, accessories, doors, furnishings and showcase area. A showcase area is best suited for displaying our beautiful collections that can include arts, crafts, prizes won and other precious collections. Once the theme is chosen we can focus on modifying things that do not suit into the overall scheme of the things. We can either alter the settings or just eliminate things that don’t gel with décor of the room. This way we can also save ourselves from purchasing unplanned and unnecessary decoration items and impulsive shopping element.

Every one of us loves to collect a particular item. It can be coins, stamps, trinkets or even dolls or books. We also love to display our collection items in a particularly creative way. Many people display their collections in a linear arrangement but lately it has become a dull way to display so going for a more creative way would be better. Creative way can include grouping the collection items and presenting them in some kind of glass cupboard or specially carved wood designs. We should also use artifacts in tune with chosen theme so that overall look comes very impressive. Special attention should be given to related items like furniture, furnishing, beds, sofas, shelves, linen, pillows, fabrics and seating arrangement etc so that these things conform to the room décor. Harmony must be maintained by using proper colors.

Monday, February 16, 2009

House Designing

Home is perhaps the most important place for all of us. Most part of our lives is spent at our homes. This is the place where we stay put, rejoice our most amazing memories and spent the best time with our spouses or kids or families. So having a house that also satisfies our creative needs just work wonders. We would love to have a beautiful house where after day’s hard work we get utmost relaxation and comfort. The designs of our houses should also satisfy our aesthetic tastes. We all love to add our character or personality to the place where we live in. for example, if the house is plain black and white and does not have any colors combinations, its definitely going to look dull. Our home is nothing but an extension our personality and our culture.

So it’s quite natural to add a personal touch to our abode. Decorating home also goes a long way in making us feel comfortable and intimate with the place. So why not take a step towards decorating our house which is perfectly suitable to our personal tastes. After all home is where the heart is. One must begin with the theme of the room or home. It should rather be taken as a guiding force. The various parts of our personality like tastes, culture, likes and dislikes should be reflected in theme chosen for the home. There are various themes available and one can also consult an interior designer for specific themes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Design Ideas for Bedroom closet

One of the most important elements in a house is facility of proper air circulation. Appropriate air ventilation and dehumidification designing ideas work wonder for a home. While designing a bedroom closet, this particular point holds even more importance. Many closets are done with hampers and in such designs; air circulation is a must element. There are several ways one can apply for such facilities while designing bedroom closet. Air fresheners and ventilated doors are foremost. Apart from that having active and passive fans are another wonderful idea, one can look forward to. Closet is a closed space so chances of humidity and resulting germs like mildew, air breeders and molds are very high. To be on safety side, one can use small dehumidifiers in the closet.

Island cabinet is quite popular for big walk-in closet. Island cabinet is composed of several drawers where one can keep shirts, ties, undergarments and scarves etc. these drawers are mostly flat in nature. Bedroom closet needs to have specific place for keeping shoes. A space for shoes is as important as clothes space. To fulfill that purpose, one can have closet with shoe stacker or shoe cubes. Chests that are mostly open faced are designed in such way that individual bins are given horizontal as well vertical shapes. Lastly always make sure to have hamper bins in the closet. The space must be sans any hanging space or shelves so that they can be used to keep storage basket or individual wire bin.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bedroom closet

Bedroom is perhaps the most important part when we think of interior designs. We all love to have a beautifully decorated bedroom which is not only aesthetic but comfortable as well. Within the bedroom, closet is a very crucial place when it comes to décor. Closet serves various purposes like strong daily usage things, clothes storage and shoes as well. Many people also prefer to keep cash or loose change in the bedroom closet. Considering the importance of closet, it becomes understandable to design closet carefully.

Many people are very particular about how should the closet be designed. Being so particular and choosy about it is an obvious fact considering its usage and importance. So, designing a closet with care is very important. Emergence of interior designing market and rising awareness of it provides us with many options in designing bedroom closets. There are a lot of ideas and options available for designing in regards to colors, materials, sizes and styles for closets. We will go through few of the attractive ideas and consequently we ca decide about the most suitable choice.

Lighting is a very important feature in closet design. However, it is often ignored when people think of designing aspects for closets. Bright lights are very useful in closets because they provide you with adequate lighting when you go through searching for valuable contents in the closet. Similarly, filament bulbs or fluorescent bulbs are not suitable for closets because of their insignificant lighting. These bulbs provide low light waves and that often proves to be inadequate.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Elements of Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian designs mostly use airy and light fabrics. Simple patterns for the fabrics work wonder in the Scandinavian designs. Linen and cotton, the natural fabrics are considered as the best choice for this peculiar sort of designs. If we talk about decor, the preferred patterns are checks and stripes. Also floral pattern is highly recommended for enhancing the elegance of bed spreads, beautiful pillows and designer curtains.

Scandinavian designs focus a lot on windows, lighting, ceilings and flooring elements. These particulars make or mar the designs. When the windows are of leaded glass, it helps in significant elements of air and light. With proper flow of natural light and air, room illuminates and everything looks so bright and shiny. The design focuses on using lace curtains on windows so that better ventilation can be ensured. Hardwood flooring and high ceilings are other essential ingredients of Scandinavian designs. The choice of woods differs from person to person and on your budget also. Iroko or maple woods are quite unique and not so common choice of usage. So one can go for them because that will act as differentiating factor. Hardwood flooring will also add to the look and beauty of the décor. When it comes to lighting fixtures, then don’t look beyond table lamps, chandeliers and sconces.

Color is an important element in any design and especially in Scandinavian designs. The ideal colors are, white, light shades of beige and blues, and natural light wood tones. One can also use a single color or mixture of two different colors. Lastly about furniture, the most appropriate choice is of curves and sleek lines blended together. Chair seats must be cushioned or upholstered. Scandinavian designers mostly prefer white pine, ash or beech as the preferred wood.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scandinavian Interiors - Introduction

As mentioned in the previous articles, interior decoration has established its roots in India. Now people are getting more selective and choosy about their preferred deisgns. When it comes to designs and decoration there are plenty of choices. One does not need to stick to only India specific designs. The world is a much closer place today with advancement of technology blurring all the distance. If one wants to know about culture, traditions, food habits, movies etc of other nations, all these information are just one click away. Everything is on your finger tips.

If all the information is so readily available to you then why don’t you use latest of interior designs or try exploring famous designs of the world and keep one step ahead of all your contemporaries. Lets explore one of the most famous interior concept and design in the world; Scandinavian interiors.

Scandinavian style interior is very common and popular among the people with interest in interior designs. Scandinavian basically refers to countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. These countries are renowned for their development, prosperity, education, high level of health care and peaceful societies. These countries are also quite traditional in nature. If you want a slice of style and simplicity, go for this particular design. These design styles are in existence since centuries and they have traveled far and wide across the globe. Many other countries have adopted this style and India is slowly also waking up to refreshing Scandinavian interior style.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Interior Designers

Interior designers are quite in demand now a day. Most of the people with a residence or bungalow or a small sweet home look for a person who has specialization in interior decoration. Our homes reflect our personalities. It is a great place to showcase things as per our desires. Whether its bed room or bathroom or even drawing room, everybody is looking for an ‘experience’. Imagine yourself coming back to home after a hard day’s work and finding a place where no placement of things is able to cheer you up. Dim lights, dull paint, poor placement of show items or not so good design of carpets, uncomfortable bedroom closets etc are reason enough to make you feel low. When things are like that, its time to look for an interior designer. Make your own wish list. Use your creativity. Try finding the placement and setting of the things that can make you feel bright and cheerful. Have your house designed in such way that, you can proudly flaunt it to your social acquaintances. Now, you no longer need to think about how people would be feeling inside your home. When you are comfortable with the design, you know you have made the right decision.

One can always find specialists in interior designing. All the interior designers have different specializations. The specialization ranges from landscape designing to residential or business designs. Many others are more focused upon particular parts of the house like bed room or drawing room or kitchen. These professionals also take care of your allotted budget and plan accordingly. Interior designers plan as per tastes and preferences of the clients. Right form specifics like drawings, wall decoration, roof designing to decorating furniture and other indoor objects, lighting etc are taken into consideration. So what are you waiting for? Make your dream home look like a heavenly abode.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Concept of Interior Design

Interior decoration started to get popular in last few years. Earlier, this concept had not picked up because of diverse reasons. In early days, most of the population used to live in rural areas where having a much important than elements like decoration and designing. Just having a plain, simple house was reason enough for people to be happy and satisfied. Very few people were even aware of this concept of house designing. As Indian started to travel across the development path, urbanization also took place. Sooner than later, economic growth and rising income of middle class families brought many changes in Indian households. It is also a natural fact that, once the basic needs are satisfied, people look for new forms of recreation. Till last decade, interior designing was still an alien concept for normal Indian households. It was a trait of western world which had yet to be picked up in India.

But things changed and they changed dramatically. It is one of the most popular specializations in last few years. Growing number of people have started to take this concept seriously. Every body loves a well designed home. In the early days, all the work was done by architects including the interior and exterior parts. Design was not a specialized job to be assigned to professionals. But now, people are more aware of terms like design, decoration, layout etc. whether, its office or home or even factories, these elements are greatly taken into consideration.