Monday, February 9, 2009

Elements of Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian designs mostly use airy and light fabrics. Simple patterns for the fabrics work wonder in the Scandinavian designs. Linen and cotton, the natural fabrics are considered as the best choice for this peculiar sort of designs. If we talk about decor, the preferred patterns are checks and stripes. Also floral pattern is highly recommended for enhancing the elegance of bed spreads, beautiful pillows and designer curtains.

Scandinavian designs focus a lot on windows, lighting, ceilings and flooring elements. These particulars make or mar the designs. When the windows are of leaded glass, it helps in significant elements of air and light. With proper flow of natural light and air, room illuminates and everything looks so bright and shiny. The design focuses on using lace curtains on windows so that better ventilation can be ensured. Hardwood flooring and high ceilings are other essential ingredients of Scandinavian designs. The choice of woods differs from person to person and on your budget also. Iroko or maple woods are quite unique and not so common choice of usage. So one can go for them because that will act as differentiating factor. Hardwood flooring will also add to the look and beauty of the d├ęcor. When it comes to lighting fixtures, then don’t look beyond table lamps, chandeliers and sconces.

Color is an important element in any design and especially in Scandinavian designs. The ideal colors are, white, light shades of beige and blues, and natural light wood tones. One can also use a single color or mixture of two different colors. Lastly about furniture, the most appropriate choice is of curves and sleek lines blended together. Chair seats must be cushioned or upholstered. Scandinavian designers mostly prefer white pine, ash or beech as the preferred wood.

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