Monday, March 30, 2009

Preserving Books – Tips

Books are known to cause great things to humans. It has helped in building empires, winning wars and establishing great businesses. In such context, it would be really fitting to accord books the due respect in your homes. One of the best collections any person can ever have is encyclopedia collection. Make sure your kid is in possession of an encyclopedia. It’s a wonderful thing, full of knowledge. These days’ kids are having huge number of questions. The general IQ level has increased and so it becomes quite natural that kids keep asking one question after another. One can not have answers for all of them. In such cases encyclopedia comes very handy. Not only kids will come to know about their answers you will also get to know so many facts you were previously unaware of.

While decorating your home with books make sure that they are taken care of. Don’t forget to apply preserving tools once in a while so that your books remain with you forever. Few of those suggestions include, never keep your books in the sun and placing your books horizontally instead of vertically. Don’t laminate your books because that causes damage due to acid. Filing away and not folding is a much better option. Make sure to have your bookshelf cleaned regularly. That action will take care of bookworms and dust factor. Keep your books away from humid places. Apply all these tips and keep your home rich with books and knowledge.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Books Decoration

Books hold a world of significance for many people. Some of the avid readers love to collect books and decorate their homes with books. Books are object of art and they demand care and respect. Book collection is one of the strongest hobbies for many people. So why not make this wonderful collection in some kind of collectibles. Let’s start with building a bookshelf. It could be a wooden shelf or a metal one depending upon the choice. If you have large number of books, it would be a pretty good idea to have a shelf that runs all along the four walls of a room. To be more precise, you can make it and place it below the ceiling by a foot or two. Once that part is done, place books of same size. Of course, it will look more aesthetic.

You can also place books of same size on the mantelpiece. It will look even better if most favorite books are bound in red leather and kept between carved bookends. Many people love to categorize books as per the genres or eras or using any other category. Like, if one is in possession of kitchen related books, those books can be kept in kitchen. Similarly, book like Panchtantra or Harry Potter should be placed in child’s bedroom. One more wonderful idea is of having coffee table books. Keep it on coffee table because that’s where they look the best. Not to mention, these coffee table books are a great source of interesting conversations.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Children’s bedroom

One of the most exciting things in the world of interior decoration is decorating and planning for a children’s bedroom mainly because it gives one great scope for creativity and surely it is a lot of fun especially when you are dabbling with colors. However on the part of the interior decorator, it is important to get into the shoes of a child and understand what it would be that will make this room enthralling from a child’s point of view. Many parents forget to involve their kids while doing the same which is not how it should ideally be.

Now contrary to the popular belief, children’s room is not only about placing soft toys and sticking animal posters. There is a lot of planning and deep involvement to make the room a good learning environment for the kid. Hence, apart from all the jazz and decoration, there is planning of placement of small table chair for the kid to learn, placement of bed, placing bean bags, side tables, small kid gym equipment and all of that.

Children love colors! Hence their bedroom should be well decorated and colour coordinated. Ceilings can be decorated with star and moon shaped figures that glow in the night. To make the room personalized, photo mugs, photo frames, and other photo showpieces can be used. Keep some space for your child to express his creativity by dedicating a wall on his name. Children’s room can be decorated with wind chimes as well. A bunk bed is a good option to choose for in case the room is being constructed for two kids.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bedroom furniture

If anyone would ask me about my favorite place in my home, I would say bedroom. It is the perfect place for comfort and relaxation. And hence, bedroom interiors are very important. Bedroom furniture is usually made of wood, but these days plastics can also be used. In the interior decoration industry, there are many bedroom designs and styles that have emerged over time. One will usually find drawers, side tables, chests, mirror frames etc in a bedroom.

You also need to take care of hardware items like bed parts, knobs, trunk parts, lamps, drawer pulls, hinges, hooks, door hardware, casters, key hole, single post pulls, covers etc also make a big difference to the look and feel of a bedroom. People, who prefer to buy economical furniture pieces, can go for adjustable beds which can be converted to a sofa set. Stainless steel furniture can also be considered.

Some people prefer antique bedroom furniture with delicate carvings. It greatly adds to the beauty of a bed room. Antique bedroom furniture usually has golden appearance with decorative mirrors. The contemporary look of antique bedroom furniture has a great charm. Antique furniture is increasingly gaining popularity.

When planning a bedroom for kids, it is recommended that you decide on what type of beds are required, a double bed, a bunk bed or a queen bed. Make sure to involve your kid in the decision Afterall it is his or her room! Do plan things in advance so as to avoid last minute forceful selections.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips for Healthy Home

It has been scientifically proved that a house with abundance of natural light is very healthy for the inhabitants. Innate brightness and proper ventilation system can work wonders for your health and spirit. Never ever allow your house to remain dark and dingy. Facility of cross ventilation will provide you with much needed fresh air. Try to open your windows as much as possible so that natural light enters in your home and create a fresh feel.

Food should never be wasted. But sometimes, you have to face conditions when food is left by the kids or guests. Make sure to never leave food exposed overnight. That will be one thing you can always do to safeguard your health. Garbage should be disposed everyday even if the garbage collector does not turn up. That is one sure way to keep insects away. Bathroom plays an important role in health matters. Make sure to have your bathroom cleaned regularly so that no gems get a chance to survive. It is also recommended to clean your drain once in a week. If you are extremely health conscious then try to tile the walls of the bathroom up to the top. That way you will find it very easy to clean.

In kitchen, try to have granite counter tops. They are quite easy to clean. Better the cleanliness less will be germs and bacteria. Many households opt for water based plants. In such cases, try to change water every two days. That will help you from mozzies. Follow the above mentioned tips and enjoy a happy and healthy home.