Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Children’s bedroom

One of the most exciting things in the world of interior decoration is decorating and planning for a children’s bedroom mainly because it gives one great scope for creativity and surely it is a lot of fun especially when you are dabbling with colors. However on the part of the interior decorator, it is important to get into the shoes of a child and understand what it would be that will make this room enthralling from a child’s point of view. Many parents forget to involve their kids while doing the same which is not how it should ideally be.

Now contrary to the popular belief, children’s room is not only about placing soft toys and sticking animal posters. There is a lot of planning and deep involvement to make the room a good learning environment for the kid. Hence, apart from all the jazz and decoration, there is planning of placement of small table chair for the kid to learn, placement of bed, placing bean bags, side tables, small kid gym equipment and all of that.

Children love colors! Hence their bedroom should be well decorated and colour coordinated. Ceilings can be decorated with star and moon shaped figures that glow in the night. To make the room personalized, photo mugs, photo frames, and other photo showpieces can be used. Keep some space for your child to express his creativity by dedicating a wall on his name. Children’s room can be decorated with wind chimes as well. A bunk bed is a good option to choose for in case the room is being constructed for two kids.

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