Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Clean Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles are definitely one of the most favored choices of flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. The strong point of porcelain tiles is durability and easiness to clean. In fact, one can clean these floors in a better fashion that any other types of floors. The reason is, these tiles are moisture and staining resistant. If you maintain cleanliness on a regular basis by doing just mopping and sweeping, then you are guaranteed to have shiny floors for a long duration. But if in case, you are missing out on regular cleaning because of hectic schedule then we will tell you how to clean porcelain tiles.

While you begin the process it would be prudent to gather some materials required for cleaning tiles. Hot water, vinegar, broom, dish soap, mop or sponge and soft damp cloth are primary housekeeping requirements. Start by sweeping the floor tiles. Instead of a vacuum cleaner, use broom because cleaner might cause some scratch on the tiles. Focus on grout lines because of dirt factor. Once you are done with sweeping, use a sponge or damp mop and sweep away the dirt. Vinegar will come into use for scrubbing purpose. Mix distilled vinegar with dish soap in hot water and you have a very effective water solution. Lastly, use clean water and damp cloth and remove all the residue and here you get; completely clean porcelain tiles.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Decorating Your Kitchen

One of the most important parts of your house is kitchen. However, when it comes to interior decoration, kitchen is often ignored. But that is definitely not a very wise idea considering usage and relevance of modular kitchen in our day to day lives. Imagine, the lady of the house making some real delicious and tasty items in a kitchen that has poor lighting, far from satisfactory paint and awkwardly decorated wall. Well, you are not going to like it. Even while cooking, lady needs a motivating and bright ambience. That’s why it is always recommended to have kitchen that has invigorating and stimulating colors. One can always make innovations in the kitchen. The basic premise while decorating kitchen should be involvement of uplifting colors so that ambience could be created. Good ambience will obviously lead to fun in eating and cooking.

Interior designers use lighter colors if your kitchen in small. Lighter colors normally create the illusions of larger space. You can choose colors like lemon, warm hues of yellow, butter and sunshine yellow. Apart from these colors, one can use options like chestnut, orange, alizarin, peach, terracotta, pumpkin, rust and red shades of ochre, puce, and dusty rose. In case your kitchen is large enough, then you should go for colors that can make your kitchen appear small and cozy. For that purpose you can go for dark colors.

Many people prefer to use monochromatic color schemes because they are easy on the eyes. To make your kitchen look sober, you can experiment with white, taupe, brown or beige. If you are going whole hog then stenciling would not be a bad idea. Sponge painting is another interesting idea.