Sunday, July 27, 2014

Room Storage

Storage is a major criterion which is often overlooked while setting up a home. The attic space can also be allotted for treasured items and storage should also be accessible. The olden homes like villas had a storage room to stock up huge items but in a place like Mumbai managing storage is a huge task. Our company is a team of interior designer Mumbai who will chalk out a few ideas related to storing and accessing the stored items.

 Certain items are seasonal like woolens which can be stocked in higher bedroom cabinets. The bedroom storage does occupy a lot of space and hence the option is to shift items high up in cabinets. Another idea is to fill suit cases and other bags which are rarely used with items and then stock them in the cabinets. Kitchen ideas also come from our team of interior decorator in Mumbai who have amazing ideas that allow accessibility.

 Kitchen furniture has to be dependable, stain sustaining and also allow us to bring in change when needed. There are racks, tall boys and other rotating formats that allow us to store items in a handy way. Designing a wardrobe is very intricate and there should be sufficient space to hang in the coats and also arrange routine clothes. Ladies vanity items can be arranged through several compartments in glass racks besides the mirror table.    

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wireless home security

All over the world, majority of the thefts are related with home breakage. Safeguarding one’s home has become an important factor worldwide.

When there plenty options available for security, it is a prudent decision to make the right choice. Wireless home security systems are quite inevitable. As technology advances one upgrade security measures.
A home is a fountainhead for everyone. It would be quite devastating to have a well kept home burgled. When we spend so much money on interiors and other facilities in the home then why not look at the fundamental aspect of security too?

Employing even the most cost effective way – i.e wireless home security systems in comparison is a good beginning. With wireless security, one need not check frequently if everything is ok.
Once the installation is complete enjoy the protection with some unique benefits. With the peace of mind one can contribute more time to other activities or even enjoy a vacation abroad.

The Video Surveillance Systems and CCTV in India are not expensive and one can fix it at home. It is useful for small business firms also. The CCTV technology is turning into VSE (Video Surveillance Equipment).

It is aiming towards safety and security. It is useful in both the areas- commercial and residential. The wireless home security systems are available in select retail outlets in urban cities. Chose from smoke detectors to sensors, to burglar alarms and cameras according to your budget. How you wish to safeguard the property-the choice is entirely yours..
Sometimes it takes a real time tragedy and damage for a family to switch to a security system. It is absolute necessary to install safety measures whether you live in a dangerous area or not. After all the interiors have been placed and the home is now ready for habitation you discover the security is missing- it can be quite worrisome. Imagine having to tear down portions of the newly painted walls or hammering near the front door which is ready to accept visitors is now being scratched for installing a security cover it can be hard on the purse.
So why not invest in wireless home security system? It is the perfect way to include safety measures even at the last minute. Lets face it in many under construction buildings in India pre-wiring is just not done, at least for security reasons.

Usually a wireless home security system requires doors and windows contacts along with motion sensors. The sensors run on the frequency of radios. The wireless devices are programmed with codes, which can be fed in illuminated keypads. They can be changed also if necessary. This gives 24-hour protection. It is reliable even if you are away at work. They are battery operated and can be used to connect with many products like cameras, motion detectors and video display. Sometimes wireless home security in India is also connected with the local police. Overseas, many DIY kits are available and are inexpensive to use.

One of the major advantages of the wireless variety is that it requires no electric supply. Which means it functions even if the electricity goes off for long periods. The lithium batteries that are used can be checked often and new ones brought in if necessary. One can have a mobile wireless system too. The other advantages include identification code for the user. It gives information about the battery voltage, sensor switch’s condition, and other related diagnostic messages. It saves on hiring a professional, thus making it cost effective.

Wireless security systems can be used in apartments or condos where radio signals reach clearly. In case of fires and other emergencies some of the most popular used wireless security systems include-smoke detection, light sensors for lamps, sirens when the alarm goes off, glass break sensors, panic buttons, Window and door sensors to detect unusual movement and voice dialing when the alarm is triggered.

Millions of dollars worth of new equipment is being produced in the country itself and is being imported from other countries to meet demands. In homes, today, one requires security, as safety is of paramount importance. Wireless intercoms were long used by the defense forces but now they are also percolating to individual homes.
Since protection is the key word for most security agencies, the wireless intercoms are proving to be a preferred way of creating a safety net. Most rich people in the country can afford the latest devices and are using them discreetly. 
Earlier wireless intercoms were only bought for specific needs. Today’s customer is such that a custom made requirements are given. Security agencies are catering to their demands, as they also know the importance of systematic surveillance. Most users of wireless intercoms in India are knowledgeable of the kind of systems they need. The fact that India has been a leader in major IT services for big shopping malls and BPOs it is becoming increasing security conscious.

Having digital services gives a boost to the security sector. In the last three years, more digital equipment has been sold to the government, private sector and even high-ranking individuals. One of the main reasons why wireless intercoms are being used is also because they are now being acceptable form of evidence in cases where the court needs it.

Many products are coming from the west and recently there has been an influx of typical ‘made in China’ label at competitive prices.

Wireless intercoms in other regions of the world are quite advanced. They also serve multipurpose. For a home also it is advantageous. Younger families with small babies too find it useful. The latest wireless intercoms allow multiple conversations in various rooms also. They all have secure links and are easy to operate.

Simple wall unit attachments are also available. Each product comes with a warranty of minimum one year. In India simple wireless technology has come recently. Just as mobile telephony has shot up considerably amongst the people it is likely with proper features and usefulness wireless intercoms will also become popular with small towns.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interior Decoration Online Degree

For starters, it has lot of scope, and the industry is currently being dominated by women. Interior designers can take lot of pride in their work as they influence people's lives by creating lovely interiors for homes where their clients want to live and work.

If you are an interior designer you get to design homes or offices for multinational clients. Your clients can be anyone. This job gives you the freedom to use your imagination to any extent you want. Did you know that you can pursue your interior decoration degree through online? By the way, online degrees have their own advantages, with the main benefit of studying at your own leisure and time.

Some of you may like to study in the morning while others may like to put in the hard work at night. Online degrees give you that freedom to do your work as and when you please. You may be required to visit your study centre for exams or tests once in a while. Interior design course work usually consists of simple subjects like Art theory and criticism, Drawing, drafting, color, and basic design principles, Space planning, and Computer-aided design (CAD).

Once you finish your design degree, you can either become a Facility Manager, Sales Representative, Set Designer, or a Space Planner. According to studies the annual salary for an interior designer in US was $51,990 in the year 2009.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finding Inspiration for Your Bedroom Designs

So you are looking for new bedroom designs but are struggling for ideas? If your answer is yes then you should read this article. We all have certain plans to design our bedroom in best possible way. But sometimes, we tend to struggle for new ideas. However, you need to know that there are a lot of ways that you can get some much needed inspiration before you start your decorating process. Let’s start with a look on the internet. The advent of internet is truly a blessing for finding all sorts of information and inspiration. There are numerous websites dedicated purely to featuring beautiful homes from all over the world. Available in wonderful designs, looks and fancy colors, you can spend lots of time on these sites until a design strikes you. Additionally, you can find other details like furniture, designer and cost factor etc.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your bedroom designs then easiest way is to go through magazines, art books, and other forms of literature dedicated to interior decoration. You can find your dream designs in these magazines and can also add few twists of your own to suit your taste.

You will also be able to find your favorite color scheme in these interior décor magazines and websites. We all have our own preference as far as color scheme is concerned. For instance, if you prefer red then you will first need to determine exact shade of red you would like, then you can determine other colors from there. You can also seek inspiration by looking at the houses of your friends and family.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Casual Dining Furniture

Casual furnishings are very popular in the dining areas. One can find different styles of stylish furniture for his/her dining area. As people have more disposable income, they are willing to splurge on designer casual furnishings. They can act as style statement. Casual furniture tends to last long and is quite durable. The best part about casual furniture is comfort and utility factor without being unnecessarily complex in design and functions.

Among the popular dining furniture, rounded tables, softly curved tables and upholstered chairs take the cake. Casual dining is associated with neutral colors like gray and brown. However, you do have the choice of choosing attractive palette like soft pastel shades of pink and yellow through deeper hues of green and blue. Dining room should have a calm feeling about it. Some of the popular decorating styles in casual dining designs are,

Shabby chic which basically exhibits rumpled sophistication. This style is a wonderful mix of time worn pieces and elegant elements. This style thrives on white color and mixed patterns. Vintage accessories and architectural details complete this design.

Country decorating style is very trendy and represents traditional furniture designs of early American and colonial eras. It provides a classic rustic feel to the ambience.

Ethnic casual décor represents sensibility of the owners. It could be in Indian, Latin, African or American style. This is a very popular theme for dining furniture.

Cottage style is highlighted with reused and recycled furniture. This is not a very common choice but is definitely unique. Last but not the least is Retro/vintage décor in which styles of the 1920s and 30s, 40s and 50s, and 60s and 70s are used to decorate the dining area.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wooden window boxes

If you are looking to add some charm and beauty to your home, why not think of decorative wooden window boxes? You can plant them with a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers or even topiaries. What exactly is a wooden window box? Well, it is just a small container garden that can be planted with a wide variety of vegetables or herbs flowers as you prefer. You can use them inside your home or even mount them outside your window.

As far as box materials for window boxes are concerned, many people like to go for plastic material because it can hold moisture and are pretty lightweight. If you looking to make whole thing even more attractive try selecting colored plastic container but make sure to slide it into a cedar framed window box. That is because colored plastic can fade in sunlight over a period of time. Other choices are metal or wicker window boxes. You must keep in mind the style of your house and color combination before you choose the one. Container is supposed to have sufficient drainage holes so that root does not rot.

Now when it comes to choosing suitable plants for the boxes, first you need to decide whether you will keep the wooden box indoor or outside your window. Also give a thought to the architecture of your house. There is no lack of popular flowers and plants for your wooden box. You can opt for miniature roses or compact flowers like annulus and primulas. They will make for a good choice. Alternately, you also have the options like herbs, lemon verbena, chamomile and lavender etc.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Storage Tips

Space is the biggest problem faced by people living in urban cities. Only large bungalows or apartments have enough space but not everybody can afford living there. Most of the people reside in places with small spaces and they are clearly at disadvantage when it comes to storage space. Though, they have certain benefits like low maintenance costs, low expenses and easy to clean options but people find it hard to find ample storage space in a small flat. Let’s have a look at some of the tips for storage.

First thing you need to have is a bed with storage. That will help you in putting things like bed sheets, blankets, pillows, quilts and bedcovers etc. This way, you will save precious space in cupboards that can be used for storing other stuffs. You also have the option of using planks and drawers in bed but they get very heavy. So a better idea would be to use hydraulic springs. Install them and you won’t have to apply heavy force to lift the plank. Many people prefer to use sliding doors instead of drawers on the sides.

Make your bed little higher to create more storage. You will also get extra storage by using a wide, wooden trunk as your centre table. This will also provide an exotic look to your house. You can further decorate the table with scented candles and magazines apart from placing decorative items and coffee table books on the table. Creating space is all about making few adjustments and a bit of creativity. Try experimenting a bit and you will be able to create ample storage space to fulfill your requirements.