Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Casual Dining Furniture

Casual furnishings are very popular in the dining areas. One can find different styles of stylish furniture for his/her dining area. As people have more disposable income, they are willing to splurge on designer casual furnishings. They can act as style statement. Casual furniture tends to last long and is quite durable. The best part about casual furniture is comfort and utility factor without being unnecessarily complex in design and functions.

Among the popular dining furniture, rounded tables, softly curved tables and upholstered chairs take the cake. Casual dining is associated with neutral colors like gray and brown. However, you do have the choice of choosing attractive palette like soft pastel shades of pink and yellow through deeper hues of green and blue. Dining room should have a calm feeling about it. Some of the popular decorating styles in casual dining designs are,

Shabby chic which basically exhibits rumpled sophistication. This style is a wonderful mix of time worn pieces and elegant elements. This style thrives on white color and mixed patterns. Vintage accessories and architectural details complete this design.

Country decorating style is very trendy and represents traditional furniture designs of early American and colonial eras. It provides a classic rustic feel to the ambience.

Ethnic casual décor represents sensibility of the owners. It could be in Indian, Latin, African or American style. This is a very popular theme for dining furniture.

Cottage style is highlighted with reused and recycled furniture. This is not a very common choice but is definitely unique. Last but not the least is Retro/vintage décor in which styles of the 1920s and 30s, 40s and 50s, and 60s and 70s are used to decorate the dining area.

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