Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interior Decoration Online Degree

For starters, it has lot of scope, and the industry is currently being dominated by women. Interior designers can take lot of pride in their work as they influence people's lives by creating lovely interiors for homes where their clients want to live and work.

If you are an interior designer you get to design homes or offices for multinational clients. Your clients can be anyone. This job gives you the freedom to use your imagination to any extent you want. Did you know that you can pursue your interior decoration degree through online? By the way, online degrees have their own advantages, with the main benefit of studying at your own leisure and time.

Some of you may like to study in the morning while others may like to put in the hard work at night. Online degrees give you that freedom to do your work as and when you please. You may be required to visit your study centre for exams or tests once in a while. Interior design course work usually consists of simple subjects like Art theory and criticism, Drawing, drafting, color, and basic design principles, Space planning, and Computer-aided design (CAD).

Once you finish your design degree, you can either become a Facility Manager, Sales Representative, Set Designer, or a Space Planner. According to studies the annual salary for an interior designer in US was $51,990 in the year 2009.

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