Sunday, July 27, 2014

Room Storage

Storage is a major criterion which is often overlooked while setting up a home. The attic space can also be allotted for treasured items and storage should also be accessible. The olden homes like villas had a storage room to stock up huge items but in a place like Mumbai managing storage is a huge task. Our company is a team of interior designer Mumbai who will chalk out a few ideas related to storing and accessing the stored items.

 Certain items are seasonal like woolens which can be stocked in higher bedroom cabinets. The bedroom storage does occupy a lot of space and hence the option is to shift items high up in cabinets. Another idea is to fill suit cases and other bags which are rarely used with items and then stock them in the cabinets. Kitchen ideas also come from our team of interior decorator in Mumbai who have amazing ideas that allow accessibility.

 Kitchen furniture has to be dependable, stain sustaining and also allow us to bring in change when needed. There are racks, tall boys and other rotating formats that allow us to store items in a handy way. Designing a wardrobe is very intricate and there should be sufficient space to hang in the coats and also arrange routine clothes. Ladies vanity items can be arranged through several compartments in glass racks besides the mirror table.    

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