Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips for Healthy Home

It has been scientifically proved that a house with abundance of natural light is very healthy for the inhabitants. Innate brightness and proper ventilation system can work wonders for your health and spirit. Never ever allow your house to remain dark and dingy. Facility of cross ventilation will provide you with much needed fresh air. Try to open your windows as much as possible so that natural light enters in your home and create a fresh feel.

Food should never be wasted. But sometimes, you have to face conditions when food is left by the kids or guests. Make sure to never leave food exposed overnight. That will be one thing you can always do to safeguard your health. Garbage should be disposed everyday even if the garbage collector does not turn up. That is one sure way to keep insects away. Bathroom plays an important role in health matters. Make sure to have your bathroom cleaned regularly so that no gems get a chance to survive. It is also recommended to clean your drain once in a week. If you are extremely health conscious then try to tile the walls of the bathroom up to the top. That way you will find it very easy to clean.

In kitchen, try to have granite counter tops. They are quite easy to clean. Better the cleanliness less will be germs and bacteria. Many households opt for water based plants. In such cases, try to change water every two days. That will help you from mozzies. Follow the above mentioned tips and enjoy a happy and healthy home.

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