Monday, March 23, 2009

Books Decoration

Books hold a world of significance for many people. Some of the avid readers love to collect books and decorate their homes with books. Books are object of art and they demand care and respect. Book collection is one of the strongest hobbies for many people. So why not make this wonderful collection in some kind of collectibles. Let’s start with building a bookshelf. It could be a wooden shelf or a metal one depending upon the choice. If you have large number of books, it would be a pretty good idea to have a shelf that runs all along the four walls of a room. To be more precise, you can make it and place it below the ceiling by a foot or two. Once that part is done, place books of same size. Of course, it will look more aesthetic.

You can also place books of same size on the mantelpiece. It will look even better if most favorite books are bound in red leather and kept between carved bookends. Many people love to categorize books as per the genres or eras or using any other category. Like, if one is in possession of kitchen related books, those books can be kept in kitchen. Similarly, book like Panchtantra or Harry Potter should be placed in child’s bedroom. One more wonderful idea is of having coffee table books. Keep it on coffee table because that’s where they look the best. Not to mention, these coffee table books are a great source of interesting conversations.

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