Monday, March 30, 2009

Preserving Books – Tips

Books are known to cause great things to humans. It has helped in building empires, winning wars and establishing great businesses. In such context, it would be really fitting to accord books the due respect in your homes. One of the best collections any person can ever have is encyclopedia collection. Make sure your kid is in possession of an encyclopedia. It’s a wonderful thing, full of knowledge. These days’ kids are having huge number of questions. The general IQ level has increased and so it becomes quite natural that kids keep asking one question after another. One can not have answers for all of them. In such cases encyclopedia comes very handy. Not only kids will come to know about their answers you will also get to know so many facts you were previously unaware of.

While decorating your home with books make sure that they are taken care of. Don’t forget to apply preserving tools once in a while so that your books remain with you forever. Few of those suggestions include, never keep your books in the sun and placing your books horizontally instead of vertically. Don’t laminate your books because that causes damage due to acid. Filing away and not folding is a much better option. Make sure to have your bookshelf cleaned regularly. That action will take care of bookworms and dust factor. Keep your books away from humid places. Apply all these tips and keep your home rich with books and knowledge.

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