Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making Your Living Space larger

These days most of the houses in the urban India are not that spacious. Real estate Mumbai have increased like anything and very few people can afford a spacious house as per their heart’s desires. So what’s the solution? The easiest one is to make the most of one’s living space at home. If things are planned properly there is no doubt about your home looking spacious and larger.

One can start with placing full length mirrors. Yea, that’s a surprising suggestion but having a mirror of that size gives illusion of space. Low lying furniture will be another wonderful addition to make your home look more beautiful. One of the basic suggestions is painting one wall of your home with different color than the rest of them. This works wonderfully in giving that feel of depth to your home. To make your home appear brighter and larger always try to use pastel shades.

One of the best things you can do to make your home appear larger is to throw out things that are not required. It is understandable that you feel nostalgic or likewise but then ask yourself have you used that particular thing in last three years. If the answer is resounding no throw that immediately. Because chances are if you did not use the thing in question in last 3 years you might never require it again. There are several other things to make your space larger that we will look at coming posts.

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