Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home Decoration- Working on Low Budget

Working on home decoration with a limited budget is definitely challenging but also rewarding. Lets explore few ideas that can work wonderfully well in making our home look wonderful even without spending lavishly. One of the best instruments to make your home look beautiful is using flowers and greenery. It not only acts as a differentiating factor but also gives your home that much needed green touch. Using a classy mix of fresh flowers and silk in the decoration can change the whole look. If you are fond of a specific place in your home then you can use potted flowers and herbs to highlight that area. It won’t cost you much and at the same time will look impressive.

Don’t use expensive lighting. Rather, use hand decorated lamp shades to illuminate your house. You can choose the particular places that require more attention. Getting such lamps has very less chances of burning your pocket. Many people prefer to have homes located at a scenic place. In such cases, nature is your biggest ally. Try to maximize the view of nature from the home by removing curtains.

Make sure to use wallpapers because they accentuate the look of your home. If wallpapers are hand made then nothing like that. You can use chalkboards and stencil patterns to make the whole experience cost effective. Fabrics are other essential elements to make your home look beautiful. Take advice from good interior designers and Use fresh pillow covers and new bed linen will enhance the look. You can also use attractive paint colors to provide that much needed vibrancy to your sweet home.

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