Sunday, May 31, 2009

Desert Landscaping

Interior designing has witnessed new forms of designs and patterns in last year. Now choosing a design is not just restricted to few local themes. Designs from all over the world are being offered at your doorsteps. One of the appealing designer landscapes is desert landscaping. This contemporary form of landscaping is getting huge popularity in recent times. It is also known as going green landscaping. Mostly used in desert areas or places where water is a scarce resource, desert landscaping uses desert plants and saves lot of water. It primarily uses desert plants or plants that use very less water resources.

To get idea about desert landscaping, one can surf internet or glance through several available magazines. By browsing through magazines, one will get to know what sort of style one would prefer. It is definitely a tempting and appealing home designing idea but make sure to check the available space and budget part. Desert landscaping requires minimum usage of water so one is requested to consider irrigation thoughtfully. Draught tolerant plants should be considered for the landscaping. Plants like aloe Vera, cactus, bluebeard, hens and lamb’s ear plant are the preferred plants. Drip irrigation system is preferred because of less requirement of water. One is also advised to group plants according to water requirements. Rocks and gravels must be put in after planting trees and flowers. Use partition walls to redirect the wind flow. Finally, design landscaping is one of the most economical designs.

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