Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Door Interior

Interior décor is culmination of several factors. One of the small but important elements of home décor is door. A door can be wooden, hinged, sliding or simply folding barrier of metal or glass. We all know the importance of first impression and considering that door plays a major part in defining the overall look of your home. Front entry gates must be appealing to eyes. A door can be your statement about the house. A well planned door can have wonderful impact on your living space. It is crucial in several aspects like ventilation, warmth, protection and light. One can find amazing designs of doors. From being a utilitarian architectural object, it has become an aesthetic tool.

A door has several elements. For example, knob is very important. Similarly, a designer is bound to take care of all the parts of door. If one is willing to decorate entry door, then surrounding effect is very important. One can use gothic style door to arched, modern glass and multi paneled door. Interior doors are used as connecting points between different parts of your house. For that, one can use glass door or flush door.

Talking about particular designs, one can use stained, beveled, etched, mirrored, painted or sand blasted glass doors. Ideal finishing material for metal doors are copper, bronze, brass and pewter etc. you can also use carved decorations doors. Those seeking special doors can use French or sliding doors for wonderful effects.


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