Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lighting System

Several elements play a major role in deciding the look of your home. One of the important factors is lighting system. Effective use of light can make your home look spacious and stylish. The natural sunlight plays a major role in deciding how nature looks and in a similar way artificial light is very much responsible for designing and decorating part of your interiors. Good lighting system can make or mar the look of your home.

The importance of light in your home got a complete new makeover with the invention of incandescent bulb in 1978. Research findings also prove that lighting is greatly responsible for productive environment. A good light system in the work environment can dramatically increase the output. In our homes, we can use lights in an aesthetic way. It is suggested that lights must be used in right directions. Appropriate lighting system is very crucial in maintaining the look of the home. It is also good for your eyes.

When the interiors are well lit, eyes tend to work more effectively. The sparkle and contrast of light tone is also useful in stimulating eye. Lighting is divided into three types of Accent lighting, Task lighting and General lighting. The first one is used when you want to highlight particular features or objects in the home. They are more of an auxiliary to the general lighting. Task lighting is suitable for painting or reading like tasks whereas general lighting, as the name suggests is used for overall illumination in your home.

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