Saturday, February 14, 2009

Design Ideas for Bedroom closet

One of the most important elements in a house is facility of proper air circulation. Appropriate air ventilation and dehumidification designing ideas work wonder for a home. While designing a bedroom closet, this particular point holds even more importance. Many closets are done with hampers and in such designs; air circulation is a must element. There are several ways one can apply for such facilities while designing bedroom closet. Air fresheners and ventilated doors are foremost. Apart from that having active and passive fans are another wonderful idea, one can look forward to. Closet is a closed space so chances of humidity and resulting germs like mildew, air breeders and molds are very high. To be on safety side, one can use small dehumidifiers in the closet.

Island cabinet is quite popular for big walk-in closet. Island cabinet is composed of several drawers where one can keep shirts, ties, undergarments and scarves etc. these drawers are mostly flat in nature. Bedroom closet needs to have specific place for keeping shoes. A space for shoes is as important as clothes space. To fulfill that purpose, one can have closet with shoe stacker or shoe cubes. Chests that are mostly open faced are designed in such way that individual bins are given horizontal as well vertical shapes. Lastly always make sure to have hamper bins in the closet. The space must be sans any hanging space or shelves so that they can be used to keep storage basket or individual wire bin.

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