Thursday, February 19, 2009

House Designing Tips- Themes

House themes could range from star wars, nature lovers, Barbie’s home to period décor, nautical mile and ethnic. Further more, we can choose particular ideas for color of walls, windows, ceilings, furniture, accessories, doors, furnishings and showcase area. A showcase area is best suited for displaying our beautiful collections that can include arts, crafts, prizes won and other precious collections. Once the theme is chosen we can focus on modifying things that do not suit into the overall scheme of the things. We can either alter the settings or just eliminate things that don’t gel with décor of the room. This way we can also save ourselves from purchasing unplanned and unnecessary decoration items and impulsive shopping element.

Every one of us loves to collect a particular item. It can be coins, stamps, trinkets or even dolls or books. We also love to display our collection items in a particularly creative way. Many people display their collections in a linear arrangement but lately it has become a dull way to display so going for a more creative way would be better. Creative way can include grouping the collection items and presenting them in some kind of glass cupboard or specially carved wood designs. We should also use artifacts in tune with chosen theme so that overall look comes very impressive. Special attention should be given to related items like furniture, furnishing, beds, sofas, shelves, linen, pillows, fabrics and seating arrangement etc so that these things conform to the room décor. Harmony must be maintained by using proper colors.

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