Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vastu Tips

Now that we are already aware of concept of vastu Shastra, let’s have a look at it from home decoration point of view. We have heard about calm and peaceful effects of implementing vastu rules in our homes. The best part about this scientific study is it is not at all complex. All we need to do is to follow some simple guidelines. The implementation of vastu is not just restricted to homes but also to any construction. It could be temples, buildings, industry, commercial complex etc. so how does it work? Vastu actually helps you in extracting positive energies of all the five forces of nature. It brings happiness and prosperity by combining solar energy of sun, magnetic effects of earth, lunar energy of moon and wind energy along with several directions related to placement. The best way to use wonderful effects of vastu is by consulting a vastu expert and then following whatever he has to suggest.

Few major recommendations under vastu shastra are; while constructing a plot it is advisable to use west, south and southwest direction. The shadow of tress should not fall on your house. One should definitely place in the ground some plants in the compound but make sure hey are small. Plants should not be used in east, north and northeast direction. Make sure to place a water body in the northeast corner of the house. One should not use any pictures in the house that depicts any form of violence. Another important suggestion is to construct the house in such a way that north and east directions should have more open space. Always design the house in such a way that there should be no dearth of sunlight and cross ventilation.

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