Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Concept of Interior Design

Interior decoration started to get popular in last few years. Earlier, this concept had not picked up because of diverse reasons. In early days, most of the population used to live in rural areas where having a much important than elements like decoration and designing. Just having a plain, simple house was reason enough for people to be happy and satisfied. Very few people were even aware of this concept of house designing. As Indian started to travel across the development path, urbanization also took place. Sooner than later, economic growth and rising income of middle class families brought many changes in Indian households. It is also a natural fact that, once the basic needs are satisfied, people look for new forms of recreation. Till last decade, interior designing was still an alien concept for normal Indian households. It was a trait of western world which had yet to be picked up in India.

But things changed and they changed dramatically. It is one of the most popular specializations in last few years. Growing number of people have started to take this concept seriously. Every body loves a well designed home. In the early days, all the work was done by architects including the interior and exterior parts. Design was not a specialized job to be assigned to professionals. But now, people are more aware of terms like design, decoration, layout etc. whether, its office or home or even factories, these elements are greatly taken into consideration.

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