Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interior Design

The word design refers to a wonderful combination of creativity and artistic talents. This word holds a significant importance in our day to day lives. Design is not restricted to any single field. It’s a creative term with implications on several layers. It also encompasses several fields. Designing caters to fashion, product, graphics and the topic of our interest, interior. We all live in a beautiful place called, home. For each one of us, our home is the most beautiful place to live in.

Ask someone who has recently joined a job or ask a salaried middle class person, what’s his biggest dream? Can you guess the answer? Yes, most of them will say, buying a new house. One of the most satisfying achievements in a person’s life is owning a house. So, now that house has been purchased, don’t we think of decorating it with beautiful colors, shades? Yes, we do. We love to see a beautiful house, more so when it’s our own. Right from deciding about the shades to be used in wall color to kitchen, bed room interiors, carpet setting, we don’t like leaving any place uncovered. The interiors of the house define who we are and how we want to project ourselves.

If we go by the definition, the best possible arrangement of our living space is called interior designing. It encompasses all the possible living space including, homes, malls, commercial establishments, offices, hotels, retail shops, film studious, conference rooms, airports, showrooms etc. the prime objective behind concept of interior designing is attain functionality and create right sort of atmosphere. This blog will aim to inform about several attractive facets and types of interior designing. Keep watching this space!

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