Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Retro Kitchen Decor

Though, we are living in the modern era but ironically, the biggest fashion now a day is retro look. This phenomenon is not just restricted to clothes and apparel but also to home décor. Retro or call it old and classic is something that can never go out of fashion and that’s why we humans keep going back to retro designs. When it comes to interior decorating, the retro look inside the kitchen has become instantly popular. Compared to a retro kitchen design, modern kitchen gives us more room but nothing can beat the charm and style of retro kitchen décor. Some of the common elements of retro kitchen décor are plastic, checked patterns, stainless steel, chrome and glass. Retro décor thrives on colorful and vibrant colors.

Use colors like red or orange or glossy black for true retro feel. Floor must have alternating black and white tiles. This will give your kitchen a real retro feel. Kitchen must be adorned with brightly colored plastic food baskets. You can also use plastic squeeze bottles for condiments. Retro kitchen design will get further boost with jukebox and chrome napkin holder. Using memorabilia is an innovative idea to get your perfect retro look. You can use travel and diner memorabilia, like street signs, vintage cars, Route 66 and drive-ins etc.

Additionally, use diner-style mugs and plates, plastic covered menus, checked tablecloths, period paintings and antique wall phones etc. Appliances play a major role in kitchen retro look. For example, people use stoves and refrigerators in colors like flamingo pink, candy red or buttercup yellow. These appliances are new but will give the impression of being made during 1950s. You can also consider the option of buying new appliances and kitchen sinks.

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