Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Organic Gardening

Gardening is definitely one of the popular hobbies. It gives you a chance to tend to flowers, trees and stay in touch with true beauty of the nature. Gardening is a relaxing and pleasing hobby. It also makes your house look attractive and environment friendly. Now a day, many people are turning to the concept of organic gardening. Though, it requires more toil and efforts but organic gardening is definitely worth all the efforts. Organic refers to total avoidance of chemicals. It will be a real thrill to find your flowers blooming without actually using any chemical.

We are living in an era where focus is shifting to environmental friendly measures in every aspect of life. You can help your bit by indulging in organic gardening. You don’t have to use any fertilizers, chemical-ridden pesticides etc. There is no downside of organic method of gardening. When you start organic gardening, use plants or flowers that suit the climate you are living in. No point giving your efforts to plants that will not show good results because of the climate factor.

One of the basic rules of organic gardening is to use rainwater to water your garden. You can use huge barrels, pipes or hose to water your garden. Natural fertilizers should always be preferred over artificial ones. It will make world of difference to your plants. You can also use compost that will boost water retention capabilities of the plants. Keep stubbing the weeds on a daily basis. Mulching is the final tip for keeping your organic garden in perfect shape.

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