Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feng Shui Colors

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is wind-water. We all know it is a Chinese system that uses laws of both earth and heaven to improve lives of people. It is helpful in bringing positive energy in the house. The prime principles of Feng Shui focus on drawing positive energy at any place. It could be your home, office or any building. Feng Shui plays a crucial role in our homes and more and more people are trying to follow principles of Feng Shui. Talking about different parts of our house, bedroom is perhaps the most important part because this is where we spend maximum time of our life. The atmosphere of your bedroom can have multiple effects on you in terms of spirituality, energy, effectiveness, peace and emotional level. Therefore, one should an appropriate color for his bedroom because colors can have drastic effects on someone’s life.

Feng Shui and yoga science places special emphasis on color selection for your bed room. For example, blue contains yin energy and it has a calm and soothing effect. Blue is one of the best colors for your bedroom because it represents love and serenity. Similarly, pink is a wonderful color for your bedroom. Pink represents joy, happiness, love and innocence. This color symbolizes relationships and we all know importance of relationships in our lives.

Red is a dominant color and represents fire. It should not be used on the wall in the bedroom however; it can be used in things like bed sheets and blankets. Green represents growth, hope, fertility and harmony and is considered as very effective for bedroom. White denotes purity and innocence. It can be used in bedroom but only in moderation. Purple symbolizes excitement, passion and motivation and can be used in bedroom in moderation.

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