Monday, October 26, 2009

Paper Clutter

Clutter is a major problem faced by almost all the households. It is like a never-ending task but like everything else in the world this too has a solution. If you do the cleaning thing on a regular basis, clutter will never become a cumbersome duty. Here, we are referring to paper clutter. It could be newspapers, magazines, notebooks, bills, art paper and several other such things. Basically the list is endless. Families with relatively large number of children, face this problem of clutter on a major scale.

Daily newspaper is the biggest source of clutter. What you should do is to avoid piling up newspapers. Once you are done with reading or collecting your favorite article, keep it aside the same day. Don’t procrastinate it. The same goes for magazines.

Children often create paper clutter whether it’s just playing or because of some painting or drawing work, kids bring along lots of clutter. So what you should do in such condition is to provide them space to display or store their stuffs and once in a while weed out unnecessary stuff. Mail is another object that causes clutter. The right way is to throw away junk mail in a dustbin and store all the necessary mails neatly in a shelf near your workspace. You can further use labels and files for better order. Other probable causes of paper clutter are message boards, school bag, polythenes and shopping stuffs. Now, make these tips as permanent feature of your life and keep your home clutter free.

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