Monday, January 25, 2010

Basic Decoration Trends

Modern era has witnessed a huge change in decoration and design trends. The themes have changed drastically and now people are more willing to experiment with new ideas. There are certain basic decoration trends; Traditional look, contemporary décor and country look. The traditional look is still the most preferred by majority of households. It brings back the nostalgic memories to all and sundry. The fact is, preferred decoration trend is determined by an individual’s taste, age and color combinations. Traditional look has elements of rich and flamboyant designs. Colors are usually dark like navy blue, burgundy or emerald green. This design represents splendor and opulence. Wood work in traditional look is generally of cherry wood. Another essential feature of such décor is leather furniture that enhances the overall look of the house.

Contemporary style is also known as casual style. The particular features of this style are chrome, glass and black plastic combinations. Many households prefer minimalistic décor that is quite clean and simple. Preferred colors are gray, white and beige. Furniture is often made of light wood whereas accessories are used to enhance the overall effect of the house.

Those who love to feel themselves closer to nature, usually opt for rustic or country style. This style is very soothing and has a calming feel about it. This style goes wonderfully well with Country French or Mission-style home decoration. Country style has undergone certain changes with shifting preferences of new generation. Bright color combinations are more opted for now a day. Rustic style focuses on antique look with distressed paint finish. Modern decorations themes also emphasize the need of providing new look to bathrooms and powder rooms apart from bedroom, kitchen and living room.

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