Sunday, August 30, 2009

Designing Bathrooms

Bathroom is often one ignored area while we think of renovating our house or indulge in some sort of home décor. But this article will talk about how to design bathrooms. While you think of designing your bathroom, first thing you need to consider is color. The thing is bathrooms are often small in size so if color combination is good, often the effect is great. By color, we refer to colors of wall and ceiling. Proper usage of color often opens up the space. You can use several color combinations like white or pale shades like blue, green or blue grey.

Many people love to install a large vanity in the bathroom so that they can use the huge space under the sink. But problem with large sinks is they can make the bathroom appear smaller so always go for wall mounted sink or pedestal. It creates space and will be easy on your wallet as well. One can use baskets if more space is required for storage. Lighting must be given proper consideration in the grand scheme of bathroom design. One can add extra lighting at places like corner that will help in opening up of more space. Additionally, one can use recessed can lighting or wall sconces or even a countertop lamp. Those with deep pockets can add solatubes or skylights.

Try using mirrors for creating the illusion of more space. Choose light colors for flooring in the bathroom. Use minimum accessories for better effect. Finally, get rid of any clutter present in the bathroom.

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